A few details about myself as a starter:

I am a translator by training. I graduated from Vienna University in the mid 1990s, when the world was still optimistic and economy was thriving (or was it just me? ;-)). Admittedly, even I had some strange ideas about working as a translator back then. And, looking back on some of the work I did in my first years I have to admit that I would now rewrite most of it. But experience takes time and therefore there is no need for the novices out there to despair. Stick to it and you will get along well! I work the Englisch-German language combination both ways, although most of the time I produce English texts for German-speaking companies at present. Most of these text are marketing-related documents. Besides translating I write the occasional user manual or online help system to bolster up my bank account ;-).

Visit my professional website at: http://www.dokuconsult.com


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