Changing Reality

Some people tend to see only one side of the coin. They believe what is right and that it is right what they believe. Their own reality. It does not occur to them that other people’s realities might look, feel or sound totally different.

Now, this is probably sufficient for some applications, activities or professions.

It is an absolute no go for translators.

As a translator you must be flexible enough to open your mind to other people’s ideas. You must be ready and willing to get to the other side.

For those who need specifics, the other side in this case is the reader’s mind.

Of course, translators who work this way best work for clients who are equally open to walk new and innovative paths. Both must be aware that their messages shape the reader’s reality. And translators are well advised to shape their readers’ realities in the interest of their clients…

Cross the road


2 Responses to “Changing Reality”

  1. Giorgia Says:

    Hi! I’m a translator too! I created a blog but it is not as good as your. Can you help me? Or can you give me a piece of advice? How can I make my blog popular? Here it is: thank you very much!

    • Says:

      Hi Giorgia,
      good luck with your blog! To make your blog popular, keep writing and writing and writing. Honestly! Experience comes with time. If you walk this road for several years, success will come your way almost by itself.

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