1::1 Approx.

the Illusion of Verbatim Translations

Translation always is an approximation. Even between languages with a very similar cultural and linguistic background some concepts remain simply untranslatable.

Therefore, the traditional idea to mirror a text word by word in a target language – i.e. what most people have been forced to do at school – does not work in the real world, especially in business reality.

If there is no exact match for a certain concept expressed in one language in the other language, what does a translator do? Well, s/he must find a way to make the situation clear to the reader in the translation. This can be done through comments, with added descriptive explanations, or by finding a similar concept in the target language.

What really matters is to evoke the same emotional and/or intellectual response to the text in the reader.

Simple word-by-word match-writing is not suitable for a professional text.

make every word matter


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