Five Easy Steps to Quality Translations

  1. Plan the translation well ahead
  2. see also:
    Who Writes the Source Texts?
    Special Ops – When Translation is Not Enough

  3. Find an experienced translator specialized in the subject matter
  4. see also:
    Your Unknown Translator
    The Cheap vs. the Quality Translation
    The Translator’s Mind – Part III, Translation Training

  5. Define usage, target group and geography for the foreign-language text
  6. see also:
    Specialists and Generalists
    International English

  7. Assign a competent contact person in-house to answer the translator’s question
  8. see also:
    The SME and the Translator

  9. Allow enough time for translation
  10. see also:
    Time and Error
    How Much How Fast?

If you follow these minimum requirements your translation will at least get a chance to have acceptable quality.



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