No Questions Asked

Some translators work like secret agents or as if they were trading contraband.

They quietly receive the source text from the client, confirm the client’s deadline without hesitation, let themselves be drawn into haggling about the price and then keep absolute radio silence until delivery.

Weird, hm?

When s/he works in a professional way, your translator should act like your family doctor. S/he should carefully inquire where it hurts and and when and how. Your translator should be as inquisitive and interested in your case as your trusted lawyer. Translators should do everything to protect their clients from linguistic harm.

In translation terms, translators should ask their clients everything there is to know about the text and the client’s desires surrounding the text. They must at least find out what the text will be used for, by whom, when and where.

If they don’t, accurate translation is not possible.


2 Responses to “No Questions Asked”

  1. Karvin Says:

    I also think that knowing the purpose of the translation is helpful, but I usually get projects from translation companies, and they do not tell any related information.

    • Says:

      Thank you! Yes, I know that problem. In my opinion, these translation agencies entirely miss the point in their job. They should work to get the best result for their clients, whether they employ internal or external translators. Instead, they fail to pass on relevant information to the one who does the language job. Unfortunately, the poor buggers in this case are the clients. Because they will never get the best in quality in such workflow arrangements. My recommendation to you: try to get your own clients. It makes work for you more satisfactory and, besides, you get the full pay…;-)

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