I have been asked, by someone obviously inspired by this blog, whether my intention with this blog is to teach translation, ‘whether I wanted to instruct people here in how to translate properly’.

Actually, no.

I’m not the teaching type. I lack the typical teacher personality. Actually, I take a look from an outside perspective. I always try to see the bigger picture. Translation is a business. Translation is a need. A need of clients, who are willing to invest in good quality.

This is what I believe in and this is what I do. I am convinced that a client has a right to get the perfect translation.

Therefore, I talk about this topic until I drop. I truly can’t understand why so many translators dont’ live up to their clients’ expectations. I mean, they chose this profession and then they don’t keep their promises.

I always keep my promises. My clients receive the best translation for the purpose.

So, teaching no, improving yes.

Another question was ‘what would I do if the HALs were actually invented?’

Oh, I would be happy! I would start doing something else, instead. Or just enjoy my life, because when that happens, humanity will probably have solved all other issues as well, such as money, food for everyone, global peace, etc, if you catch my drift…;-)

‘Do these experiences with clients as I describe them really happen?’

Every one of them. Seriously. There is not one story invented, not one word untrue. I have really actually met people who believed that translation is just typing in another language, and people have really phoned me to ask for free test translations. Incredible, isn’t it?

Well, I don’t blame them. There are the wildest beliefs around in this world. People think the wildest things are true, some come from SF movies, others just pop up in their heads. That’s life. That’s how humans are built, and how their brains function.

But some realize that there are more important things that matter, such as quality, and beauty, and balance, as they converge in a well-written text. In any language, for that matter…

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