The Difference Between Pages

Texts are not equal. Some texts are more sophisticated than others. Even expertly written texts may take a lot of time to work through, depending on the mental effort involved in translating.

Therefore, a page is not a page.

Regardless of the actual amount of words written on a page, the translation may

  • Take longer
  • Cost more

For example, highly technical texts may contain lots of terms to investigate. They probably include descriptions of
complex and complicated processes. The translator must fully understand all of those before s/he can begin to
transfer the text to the other language.

Other texts come with a strong message. The message has to be pondered to get it across best in the target tongue. This is the case in marketing and promotional texts, which must evoke a certain reaction in the recipient.

Actually, it is better to allow more time and budget for the translation of a business critical document than face the consequences of becoming embarassed by some ill-translated gibberish that came back translated fast and at no cost.

turn the page


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