Speaking a Language vs. Translating from/into It

Not everyone who speaks a language is able to translate from or into that language. This holds true for English as well as any other language spoken on this planet.

Still, many “native” speakers are abused into translating texts when there is the need.

Why is that so? And why is it not advisable?

The explanation is really simple: When it comes to writing a business critical text in your own native tongue, say, the content of your company website, whom would you ask to do it? A coworker from accounting? The developer downstairs? Or a professional marketing texter/writer or agency?

The answer, of course, is ‘the professional’!

So why act differently when another language is involved?

Professional translators are skilled writers with the appropriate education in both, the foreign language and in writing texts. Many translators have specialized in a certain subject field. There is always an expert language service provider available to meet your foreign-language text requirements.

expert translations come from translation experts


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