Food for Thought – Feed Your Translator

This is a short list of the types of nourishment a translator needs:

  • Information
  • Feedback
  • Payment

Let your translator know about the text what you know. Tell her/him about the author, the readers, your intentions and the desired effects. This will help your translator to work more effectively.

If the translation result is not to your liking, this may have different reasons. Only one of them is that you were so unfortunate to pick an incapable translator. Other reasons may be that the information exchange beforehand was insufficient, or that the source text was of low linguistic quality in the first place.

Let your translator know what you don’t like about the result and ask her/him to make amendments. If you don’t, you will most likely get the same mess when the next translation is due. As a side effect, repeated feedback cycles might help you improve your source texts in the long run.

Well, of course. That goes without saying.

brainwork needs good food


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