Translatorspeak – Part I

Like most industries the language service providers have their own terminology and language. Such types of technical language are called jargon or sometimes technical jargon.

I often use translation related terms in this blog. In response to some questions I have been asked I will start to clarify some of these terms. If you want to look them up, blog entries containing such terms will be grouped in the ‘Translatorspeak’ category in the right-hand side navigation.

If you don’t find a term I use explained in one of the entries in the Translatorspeak category, leave a comment and I will explain it in a later entry.

Source Text
The text that was originally written in a certain language. This text is handed over to the translator for translation.

= source text

Target Text
The translation. Often, the final version after translation, which is handed back to the client after translation has been completed.

Target Language
The language into which the text is being translated.

Set of vocabulary used with specific meaning in a certain context. E.g. the banking terminology, the legal terminology, the telecom terminology, etc.

“subject matter expert”. The person with in-depth know-how on the topic discussed in the text to be translated. Preferrably, an SME should be available for the translator to clarify questions regarding technical details or to provide background information.

to be continued


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