Your Unknown Translator

Hello and welcome to my blog on translation.

In this blog I will write about the most frequent questions, issues and illusions encountered in my work as a professional translator. I will try to answer some of the questions that I repeatedly get asked by my clients and I will address the myths that sometimes circulate around the translation business. People sometimes have the wildest ideas about how a text is transferred from one language into another. My intention is to get the message across in a rather conversational manner without getting into lecturing or even patronizing. Basically, this blog will contain what I consider important in and for a translation project. And, I will try to keep this entertaining by adding real-life stories and personal experiences or ideas in-between. So, basically, what cou can expect is: Some philosophically humorous text snippets about translating in real everyday life. I will try to write about once a week, but the frequency of entries may vary to some extent.

This blog might be of interest for buyers of translation services and translators alike. The first group will probably find it most interesting to read about the issues a translator must deal with when confronted with a source text. There are lots of things to think about, depending on the text type, the intended readership, the terminology, etc., etc. Translators will find encouragement on these pages to uphold the quality of their work and, yes, to insist on fair and adequate payment for their services. This, in turn, might also be interesting for clients and show them that there are indeed differences in quality directly linked to the budget made available for a translation project.

So long for now

…oh, by the way, here is a sneak preview on the topics I intend to address (not necessarily in this order):

  • What Does a Translator Really Do?
  • The Cheap vs. the Quality Translation
  • Aren’t There Machines Already That Do Translations?
  • Offshoring Translations
  • The Native Speaker Myth


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